Walk-in Tubs-Showers for Asheville & Western NC

Blue Ridge Walk-In Tubs and Showers has a fantastic solution for people here in the Asheville or Charlotte area and also all of Western North Carolina.  Barrier-free walk-in tubs and showers!  Everybody knows as we age or get injured from working out, getting in and out of the bathtubs can be hard and almost sometimes dangerous. What does a Walk-In Tub or shower do for you in addition to giving you the benefits of a warm, relaxing soak? You have the medically proven benefits of a dual air/water hydrotherapy massage for aches and pains, circulation problems and relief from mental and physical stress. Barrier-free showers and tubs are the answer!  "These tubs and showers are not designed for a two people at a time".

Safely Solutions for Military Vets with Our Walk-in Tubs

We have been in the Walk-In Tub business for ten years providing Safety Solutions for all types of people of age and our Military Vets. We come to you and give you a free estimate on what the of the cost and also if necessary a little bit of renovation to the bathroom. Our goal at Blue Ridge Tubs is to make sure that our clients that purchase this investment for a secure and safe bathing experience. Give us a call @ 828-551-3330